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The Study of Kin

 Film Photography: Silver Gelatin 15 in x 15 in

“Whether conscious of it or not, archivists are major players in the business of identity politics.

Archivists appraise, collect, and preserve the props with which notions of identity are built. In

turn, notions of identity are confirmed and justified as historical documents, which validate

with all their authority as “evidence” the identity stories so built”

  Cook, T & Schwartz, J.M 2002, Archives, Records, and Power: The Making of Modern Memory Archival Science 2, Kluwer Academic: p16.

As I could not find the images I searched for in the British archives of my family in the 19th century, when photography came into being, I made the images I wanted to see.  Beginning to reclaim the images that should appear in my family album, this series accompanies The Family Album.

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