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Found, Reclaimed, Renamed Her(e) 

Ceramics: terracotta, porcelain, red and black Stoneware


To represent voices that are otherwise not represented.

Expanding on from Sun Ra's statement, I'll wait for you in The Mothers (Fantasm), I was also directed to explore my ancestors in this form, with clay. I can only confess it is them that speak through me in this way. By bequeathing me this ability to hear and then speak their chosen language which my mother taught me through the act of Black matrilineage, I can comfortably say to those whose time is yet to come, and to those who are still catching up on time: “I did not choose to forget you, I never will, for my presence lies continually, floating, mercurially between this true self, me, your memory, them and my myth – mothers. For you showed me who you were. I will always wait for you”.  (Part of the series: The Object of my Gaze)


©Marcia Michael, Visual Artist, London

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