The Mothers (Fantasm)

Drawing, Soft pastels on paper


In acknowledging Sun Ra’s statement “I'll wait for you”, a dream I had in which my ancestors presented themselves to me, allowed me to re-experience my future as well as my past simultaneously. Sun Ra’s claim rang true, they had waited for me, and now with a child like vision and an affinity to this time, theirs and this place, theirs, I was able to see them. (Part of the series: The Object of my Gaze)

“In some far off place, many light years in space, I’ll wait for you. Where human feet have never trod, where human eyes have never seen, I’ll build a world of abstract dreams and wait for you. In tomorrow’s realm we’ll take the helm of new ships, then like the lash of a whip we’ll start on our way and safely journey to another world, another world another world’s world”.

(Sun Ra, (1980) I’ll wait for you, Strange Celestial Road, Rounder)