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The Object of My Gaze

Multi Disciplinary series


"I have decided that the time for you to hear my story is now. No more waiting no more fear no more thinking that time will correct the past, without my voice. I am concerned for the new voices silenced by this- master -narrative.

I am eager to write it, speak it, document it, show it; and defy history, in order, for you my child, my mother and my friend, to breathe in this passing moment that is my life”. (Extract taken from 'My History is in her[e] from the series The Object of My Gaze)


The Object Of My Gaze is a multidisciplinary series that explores the visual act of Black matrilineage (search, recover, revive - continue) in order to reclaim evidence of maternal histories. Comprising of video, creative writing, neon light, soundscapes, animation, photography, drawings and sculptural jewellery, (some which is available to see on this website) this series offers the viewer an intimate journey and insight into Marcia’s conversation with her mother.  This act, not only reanimates a matrilineal tradition but reinstates an understanding that creativity has always resided in her ancestral bloodline: she is not the first, she follows a lineage, including her own mother.    

©Marcia Michael, Visual Artist, London

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