The Object of My Gaze

I present here in this series a segment of a transdisciplinary art practice, as an exploration of a methodology for reimagining narratives of my matrilineal ancestry. 

Retrieving and reconstructing the historical experiences of my matrilineal family, I explore a tradition that once used by my ancestors to communicate, this being call and response.Utilising the mediums of photography, sculpture, sound, text and visual imagery, to extend the call, the mediums themselves in a form of a response become a witness, re-presentingthe narratives recovered.In this series, I aim to demonstrate that the black maternal body finding itself in a unique position is able to retrieve and construct polyvocal narratives, (within the act of matrilineage) that in their re-voicing and re-imagining, are able to counter the homogenous histories of my silenced ancestry. Presenting my mother's body as the living archive her self-image neglected the patriarchal gaze that was synonymous with the black female body and thus, because of this, she became The Object of My Gaze. 

This project is part of a large body of work that includes soundscapes, video, animation, creative writing, sculpture and photography. During the year as each different aspect of the narrative is reconstructed and introduced to the public domain, its image or sound will become available.