School: Themes of Order and Disorder (2014)

This is a very small sellection of the images available from the Project  School: Themes of Order and disorder.

Made during the exam period of 2014 where the theme for GCSE Art and Design was ORDER and/or DISORDER.

When I first stepped into the building and was shown around, it was clear that it was an old school. I immediately felt nostalgic and yearned for the fun times and challanges that I remembered from being at school; never noticing the colours, repetition, symbols, form, structure,  and beauty of the location.

The school was dangerously decorative and utterly dreadful yet so aesthetically marvellous! Colour and form become a protagonist for having no school kids yet the presence in the school was highly  noticable. I photographed the school as a means of uplifting the building from itself, allowing the building which is soon to be knocked down, the ability to feel the love it once felt, within its walls. Acknowledging the production of other, within itself...  An ode to itself.